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Introducing the adjustable blade glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-15

The glass cutting machine is a glass processing machine. The traditional cutting method is to put the glass to be cut on a flat plate, then cut it with a cutting knife, and then manually break the pieces after cutting. This cutting method is not accurate enough, and for different Thick glass, the cutting knife needs to apply different forces, and the manual cutting error is large. Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand the glass cutting machine with adjustable knife edge.

The glass glass cutting machine includes a worm, one side of the worm is connected with a rotary handle, the worm is movably connected with the worm wheel, and the side of the worm away from the worm is fixedly connected with the screw, and the screw passes through the support The opening on the mounting hole of the board is fixedly provided with a cutting knife on the side of the receiving board away from the mounting hole.

The side of the screw away from the worm gear is set in the rotating groove on the fixed block, and the guide rods are symmetrically arranged on both sides of the receiving plate. The fixed block and the guide rod are connected by connecting rods to guide the The rods are all connected with compression springs, and the side of the compression springs away from the guide rods is fixedly connected with the adsorption block, and the adsorption block is adsorbed on the glass.

The extension plate is fixedly connected to the side of the supporting slide rail away from the glass, the extension plate is symmetrically provided with sliding grooves, and a breaking device is movably arranged between the sliding grooves, and the breaking device includes a concave shape. The concave block is provided with a through hole, and the movable block passes through the through hole.

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