Introducing Durable Heads for Glass Cutting Machines

by:Enkong     2022-06-14

When cutting with an automatic glass cutting machine, typesetting is required first, and only in this way can the cutting and film removal process be carried out. After the cutting head of the existing glass cutting machine works for a long time, the glass dust will be stuck, and the temperature of the cutting head will also will be too high and these conditions will affect the durability of the cutting head.

The durable head of the glass cutting machine includes a base, a sliding rail is installed on the top of the base, and the cutting frame is movably connected to the top of the sliding rail. The cutting frame includes a beam, a sliding seat, a Blast slot and a mount.

The bottom of the sliding seat is movably connected with the sliding rail, the top of the sliding seat is fixedly connected with both ends of the beam, an explosion-proof groove is installed on the side of the beam, the outer side wall is movably connected with the mounting seat, and the bottom end of the mounting seat is A plug is provided, and the plug includes a sleeve, a cutting head, a mounting cylinder and a top mounting seat.

The durable head of the glass glass cutting machine is provided with a sandblasting groove on the side of the beam, which can not only blow away the glass dust generated by cutting, but also ensure the working environment of the cutting head, and the cold air can also quickly cool the cutting To ensure the long-term work of the cutting head, the blocking ring divides the external thread into two sections, and the blocking ring acts as a limiter.

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