Introduce the loading and unloading system of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-14

The loading and unloading system of the glass cutting machine includes a guide groove beam, a conveyor belt, a support adjustment plate, an eccentric shaft, an eccentric shaft sleeve, a retaining ring, a rotating shaft, a cylinder, a guide groove, and a conveyor belt guide groove on the beam. On the conveyor belt guide groove, the guide groove beam is connected with the eccentric shaft sleeve through the support adjustment plate, and the eccentric shaft sleeve is installed on the eccentric shaft.

The shaft is installed on the rotating shaft, and there are retaining rings on both sides of the eccentric shaft and the eccentric shaft sleeve to prevent the eccentric shaft and the eccentric shaft sleeve from moving, and the guide groove beam and support are adjusted The plate and the eccentric sleeve form a plane four-bar linkage mechanism, the output end of the cylinder is connected with a push rod, the push rod is connected with the connecting rod, the cylinder pulls the push rod, and the rotating shaft is rotated by the connecting rod, so as to realize the horizontal lifting of the conveyor belt.

The glass needs to be automatically loaded before cutting, and automatically unloaded after cutting. The method adopted by the transmission and unloading system is: Conveyor belt guide grooves and guide groove beams, etc., the bottom of the guide plate beam is connected with two or more ejector rods, and the lower end of each ejector rod is connected with a cylinder.

When the material needs to be loaded, the cylinder piston rod is ejected, and the guide groove beam lifts the conveyor belt guide groove and conveyor belt through the ejector rod. At this time, the conveyor belt is higher than the glass cutting machine table, and the motor rotates Drive the conveyor belt to slide in the conveyor belt guide groove, and the glass is dragged to the designated position on the workbench after contacting the conveyor belt.

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