Introduce the glass cutter blade is adjustable

by:Enkong     2021-01-09
Glass cutting machine is a traditional glass processing machine, cutting method is going to cut the glass on a plate, and then use cutting knife cutting, artificial fragments break again after cutting, the cutting method is not accurate enough, for different thickness of the glass, the cutting knife need to exert different force, manual cutting error, today small make up take you to understand the glass cutter blade is adjustable. Glass cutting machine including the worm, the worm by rotating the handle on one side of the connection has a worm and worm gear active connection, from one side of the worm and worm connected with screw fixation, screw through the opening, on supporting plate mounting holes in the plate away from the mounting holes on one side of the fixed set cutting knife. Screw from one side of the worm gear set on the fixed block some rotational trough, is set in the bilateral symmetry of the receiving plate with guide rod, a fixed block and guide rod and connected through the connecting rod, guide bar are connected to the compression spring, compression spring from the side of the guide bar and adsorption block, fixed connection block adsorption on the glass. Extension plate fixed connection in the far away from the glass support on one side of the slide rail, extension of slabs according to a sliding groove, the sliding groove between activity set have broken pieces of equipment, broken pieces of equipment including concave block, hollow block with hole, activity block through the hole.
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