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Introduce the fixed track of the glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-14

After the existing glass cutting machine cuts the glass, the glass is not directly divided into two pieces, but leaves a deep scratch on the glass. At this time, workers need to manually break it and put it back into the conveying device .

The automatic glass glass cutting machine includes a cutting mechanism on the left and a crushing mechanism on the right. The cutting mechanism includes a conveyor belt and a fixed track above the conveyor belt. Moving cutting head.

The breaking mechanism consists of a plurality of transfer rollers arranged in parallel and a pressure plate above the transfer roller, each transfer roller is provided with a pressure plate above the transfer roller, and the transfer roller is axially connected to the bracket , the bottom of the bracket is fixed on the top of the electric telescopic rod, and the bottom end of the electric telescopic rod is fixed on the bottom plate.

Press the corresponding control button according to the position where the glass is scratched. At this time, all the pressing plates on the right side of the control button are pressed down on the glass, and then all the conveying rollers on the left side of the control button rise upward. After the glass is broken, the pressing plate and the conveying roller return to their original state, and the conveying roller conveys the two broken pieces of glass to the next process.

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