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Introduce four axis curvature abnormity glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-01-09
Curvature special-shaped glass cutting machine adopts the mechanized cut four axis, greatly improving the work efficiency, driven by stepping motor, the agency can cut any shape glass, cutting force through the sphere center, improved the precision of cutting, cutting quality and the quality of the product. Including four axis curvature special-shaped glass cutting machine frame, a workbench, rotating parts supporting mold, woodwork, dragon head, knife box installation plate, workbench located above the chassis, the dragon door beams located above the working face, between rotating stents in working face and the dragon door beams, the nose on the dragon door sill, knife box below the mounting plate is located in the nose, below the longmen in working face. On the beam, the head and the knife box installation board equipped with stepper motor, the framework of respectively equipped with a universal wheel and adjust feet, installed in a table at the bottom of the stepper motor through the synchronous belt and drive shaft rotational support mould rotation. Installed on the dragon door sill of stepper motor through ball screw around mobile, drive components, head installed in the knife head of the stepper motor through ball screw drive the knife box mounting plate move up and down on the guide rail, so as to drive the knife box assembly to move up and down.
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