Inspection rules for the automatic glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-04-02
Each cutting machine must be by the quality inspection department inspection to the factory? The factory should be proved that the quality of products qualified file attached. Today to introduce to you a fully automatic glass cutting machine inspection rules. 1, 2, mark inspection - appearance inspection ( Check test, do not wipe test) 3, electric shock protection check '4, electromagnetic disturbance level measuring harmonic current voltage fluctuation and flicker measurement starting test 5, axial and radial circular cylinder is beating check 6 basic parameters, the input power, current and torque 7, 8 temperature rise test, measuring the test 9, leakage current measuring 10, 11, resistant to moisture test voltage test' 12, durability test, the abnormal operation test check mechanical risk check 13 structure, mechanical strength check, inspection of shield cutting depth inspection of cutting piece clamping pressure plate inspected 14, internal wiring, the component test automatic glass cutting machine inspection rules is to be here to introduce, hope above will be helpful to you, if you are interested in the products we mentioned above, you are welcome to call, we will provide you with more quality products.
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