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Industrial efficiency of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-29

When manufacturing glass, glass cutting is a very important process. At present, glass cutting adopts manual feeding, and the cutting efficiency is low. At the same time, due to the need to cut glass of different sizes, the positioning block fixed on the glass cutting machine cannot meet the needs. Workers often judge by experience, which is easy to cause cutting errors, glass damage and waste of resources. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the industrial efficiency of glass cutting machines.

The glass cutting machine includes a shell on the workbench, the workbench can be slidably arranged on the shell, there are magnet pieces on the workbench, the cutting device is equipped with a water pipe, and the cutting machine also includes Drive the sliding table drive, drive the rack and pinion, the rack and pinion, the gear group in the housing, and the shelf fixed on the worktable.

The gear is provided with a rotating shaft. The rotating shaft extends out of the casing and is connected with the rotating handle. There is a sliding groove on the casing and a guide rail on the worktable. table stability.

A groove matching the cutting disc is used on the worktable, so that the bottom of the blade enters the groove of the worktable, which effectively realizes the cutting of glass, there is a magnet on the worktable, a magnet block and The worktable is fixed by magnetic force, and the position of the magnetic block can adjust the positioning of the glass according to different cutting sizes, which is easy to operate.

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