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How to use the strip glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-08

Glass is made by melting silica and other chemicals (the main production materials are: soda ash, limestone and quartz). During the melting process, a continuous network structure is formed. During the cooling and hardening process, the viscosity gradually increases, and non-ferrous metals crystallize. Metal silicate material, today I will introduce the use of strip glass glass cutting machine.

The strip glass cutting includes a base, on which two support rods are arranged side by side, the bottom of each support rod is fixed on the base, and the two support rods a beam are installed on the top In between, the lower surface of the beam is opposite to the upper surface of the base, the lower surface of the beam is provided with an m+1 transmission system, and the continuous m transmission system has a one-to-one correspondence.

The transmission system includes suction cups, gears, and guide gears that can move up and down; the guide rods are arranged horizontally on the lower surface of the beam, and the gear guides are provided with gears that mesh with the gear guides; the gears are arranged vertically The suction cup is connected, and the bottom of the suction cup is opposite to the base.

The cutting unit includes sliding rails, sliding rods, steering knuckles and tools. The sliding rails are arranged between any two adjacent gear guide rails, and one end of the sliding rods is slidably arranged on the sliding rails. The sliding direction of the sliding rod on the rail is perpendicular to the moving direction of the gear on the gear guide rail.

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