How to use the glass cutting machine that can cut in half

by:Enkong     2022-05-20

Laminated glass is composed of two or more pieces of glass, with one or more layers of organic polymers sandwiched in the interlayer. After high temperature pre-pressing or vacuuming, high temperature and high pressure treatment, the glass and the interlayer film are bonded together. For chemical composite glass products, glass glass cutting machine is also a machine equipment that will be used.

On the upper mounting frame, the upper sliding block is connected with the upper sliding rail through the upper sliding rail, and the upper cutter device and the upper fixed wheel device are installed on the upper sliding rail, and slide down The rail is connected with the lower mounting frame through the sliding rail, the lower cutter is installed on the lower plate device and the lower fixed wheel device, the upper cutter device corresponds to the lower cutter device, and the upper fixed wheel device corresponds to the lower fixed wheel device.

The upper cutter device and the lower cutter device have the same structure. They both include a fixed box. The guide rod is connected to the guide plate on one side of the fixed box. And between the guide plate, the driving part and the cutter are also connected to the guide plate.

The frame is a rectangular parallelepiped box structure. The rectangular parallelepiped box is provided with reinforcing plates arranged obliquely and crossed. The four corners of the rectangular parallelepiped box are respectively provided with supporting feet, and the outside of the rectangular parallelepiped is provided with stoppers. board box.

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