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How to use the automatic glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-12

Because glass has the characteristics of transparency, reflection and easy coloring, it is often used in occasions that have certain requirements on light and color, such as optical instruments and various artistic decorations. Modern technology has brought new vitality and vitality to the glass industry, while also greatly improving the performance of glass. I have to mention here: automatic glass cutting machine.

When using this glass cutting equipment, please unplug and connect the computer to the computer. When plugging and unplugging the control card and other equipment, the power plug should be unplugged first. The computer or glass cutter enclosure should be grounded for safety. When the machine is not working, please turn off the power in time, and unplug the power plug when it is not used for a long time.

1. Turn on the power, perform zero operation, and then try each function manually;

2. When loading graphics, make sure that the loaded graphics are within the cutting range;

3. Check the glass to be cut before cutting, there should be no white spots or scratches on the appearance;

4. When you click to start cutting, make sure there is no one next to y;

5 , After the cutting is completed, perform other non-emergency stop operations;

Sixth, the table should be cleaned in time after use to prevent glass fragments from scratching the table;

Through the above related introduction, I believe everyone Have a deeper understanding of the use of automatic glass glass cutting machine, if necessary, you can contact us directly!

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