How to troubleshoot the alarm of glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2021-03-21

Due to our improper operation or improper use method, it will cause the machine to give an alarm. From this problem, what we can know is that we need to shut down and find out where the fault is. The same is true for the automatic glass edging machine, so what is the troubleshooting method for the automatic glass edging machine alarm? 1. AL007 motor over-speed alarm, first check whether the machine is stuck and whether the speed is overspeed. 2. AL009 position deviation alarm, same as above. 3. AL006 overload alarm: check whether the power line UVW is connected; check the machine. 4. AL011, AL024; AL028; AL026 coding signal alarm, first check whether the motor parameters match, then check or replace the coding line, and finally check or replace the motor. 5. AL003 (under voltage) and AL002 (over voltage) alarm, check whether the input power voltage is normal. If the outside is normal, replace the drive, 6.AL001 over-current alarm, check the wiring state of the motor and the drive or whether the conductor body is short-circuited, the wiring sequence of the motor and the drive, and whether the temperature of the heat sink is abnormal. 7. AL004 motor matching abnormal alarm, check whether the motor and the drive are consistent, if it does not correspond, set the parameters of the drive to correspond to it. 8. AL031 Motor U, V, W wiring error alarm, motor POWER LINE U, V, W, GND wiring error, please connect the wires according to the color, red (U), white (V), black (W) in sequence The wire is locked on the motor output seat on the driver Lu.
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