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How to set up a glass cutting machine speed

by:Enkong     2021-04-15
How to set up a glass cutting machine speed? Below, we aimed at cutting machine speed for everyone to do a simple introduction. Look at how to set up can increase the operation rate of glass cutting machine. First of all, increasing humidity glass cutting machine cutting speed, can improve the quality of incision, narrow the incision slightly, but the surface more smooth, and can reduce the degree of deformation. Second, cutting speed too fast, glass cutting machine cutting line energy is lower than the required quantity, cut the slot jet can't fast will be cutting the melt blown off, make after pulling the quantity increases, accompanied by hang slag notch, the decrease of the quality of the incision. Finally, when the automatic glass cutting machine cutting speed is too low, will make the notch width, the bottom edge, incision on both sides of the molten material gather and solidified, hang slag formation, is not easy to clean. We don't lower requirements when using glass cutting machine, or it will reduce the movement effect. With the content of the above, we can better use the glass cutting machine.
how to improve the effect of glass edge grinding machine cutting
how to improve the effect of cutting of the glass edge grinding machine, to improve the effect of cutting of the glass edge grinding machine, not only pay attention to the cutting speed, cutting thickness, cutting height, also note gas cutting. Below I to tell you about how to improve the effect of cutting. First, you need to master the flame cutting nozzle, should pay attention to air. Avoid getting replacement gas source, otherwise it will cause a large glass edge grinding machine of gas pressure fluctuations, affect the gas flow, make the cutting is not normal. Second, due to the glass edge grinding machine using air source is bottled gas, bottled gas at the start of use and end of air pressure fluctuation, suitable to take warm water heating method, can effectively guarantee the stability of gas source. Finally, to improve the effect of glass cutting machine cutting, mainly to ensure the equipment in good condition, usually for periodic reviews of the place such as pipe, joint leakage and keep the lubrication of bearings, the place such as pin hole cleaning work. Glass edge grinding machine cutting effect, the better, the better the efficiency of our work, the above can be very good to improve the cutting effect of glass edge grinding machine.
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