How to regularly check and repair the glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-03

How to regularly check and repair the glass edging machine has made a great contribution to improving our work efficiency and saving the work of workers. Equipment maintenance work can reduce downtime losses and maintenance costs, reduce product costs, ensure product quality, and improve production efficiency. The following editor will explain to you how the glass glass edging machine is regularly overhauled.

The maintenance work of general glass edging machine is divided into two types: daily maintenance and regular maintenance. Let me briefly talk about the difference and function of the two.

Daily maintenance of the glass edging machine includes two kinds of maintenance every shift and weekend maintenance, which is carried out by the operator. The maintenance of each shift requires that all parts of the equipment be inspected before the shift, and lubricated according to the regulations; the specified inspection items should be recorded on the inspection card after the inspection, and the equipment can be used after confirming that it is normal.

During the operation of the glass glass edging machine, the equipment should be used in strict accordance with the maintenance and operation procedures. Pay attention to observe its operation. Any abnormality should be dealt with in a timely manner. The operator should notify the maintenance worker for inspection and repair. The worker shall make a maintenance record on the'troubleshooting list'. Before leaving get off work, spend about 15 seconds to carefully clean and wipe the equipment, record the equipment status in the handover book, and go through the handover procedures. Weekend maintenance is mainly for operators to thoroughly clean, wipe and oil the equipment for 1-2 hours every weekend and before holidays, and perform inspection and evaluation according to the 'four requirements' for equipment maintenance for assessment. In addition, the regular maintenance of the glass edging machine is the regular maintenance work carried out by the operator under the guidance of maintenance workers. The glass machinery and equipment produced in two shifts are maintained about once every three months, and the operation time is calculated according to the equipment complexity factor.

The above is the maintenance method of the glass edging machine explained by the editor, so as to make the glass edging machine work better and avoid malfunction. If you still have questions that you don’t understand, please pay attention to our official website in time, we will have professional staff to explain, and welcome everyone to call.

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