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How to reduce glass cutting machine fault

by:Enkong     2021-01-01
In the process of glass cutting machine work, due to reasons such as wear and tear, will often appear some fault, make the person feels very distressed, at work, use some tips can reduce the failure rate, today small make up take you to understand how to reduce the glass cutting machine failure. Equipment failure should be dealt with in a timely manner and in accordance with the requirements for a variety of maintenance and repair equipment, regular check, timely understanding of equipment operation, timely processing of a temporary glitch, don't delay because of small fault maintenance, also don't affect use, will cause greater fault even safety accidents. Is that should be paid attention to, you can't work at equipment can withstand under heavy load, the equipment should be used in this case, to ensure the uniform load increase and decrease of the machine, the device in a relatively stable state of load change, prevent reducer and improve the system of rising and falling movement. First of all, according to the requirement of maintenance system, reasonable division of professional post examination and check, clear responsibility, if there is a responsibility, there will be pressure, if there is pressure, would then have an incentive to work smoothly; Retiring the incentive mechanism, post checks in the long-term development.
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