How to purchase glass machinery equipment

by:Enkong     2021-03-29

The key to purchasing glass machinery and equipment depends on which model is most suitable for your needs. So we must start from our own practice. In addition, it is necessary to select a strong production enterprise, and specify the necessary functions of the equipment to serve the operating policy. It is necessary to clarify what the selected device does? This key issue is very important, and it is also a key issue that managers of all glass processing companies must clarify before starting to order equipment. The lack of a full understanding of the equipment and the understanding of the approximate capabilities of the equipment will lead to the problem of mismatching of the selected equipment. In order to understand the requirements of glass machinery more clearly, on the basis of structural analysis of operations, the relationship between relevant equipment modules will be easier to understand and calculate, and it will be easier to grasp the relationship between glass machinery in each operation. Prepare a specific procurement plan for the glass edging machine to meet your processing needs. In the procurement planning process for the glass edging machine, the intention is not to determine the specific standards of the glass edging machine procurement plan, but to determine the general purpose of the equipment classification. Firstly, the procurement plan for glass edging machine should be based on the classification of single-side grinding or double-side grinding; then, more specific standards will be formulated in several processes in the procurement plan and selection process of glass edging machine. It must be reminded that the work of making a procurement plan for glass edging machines is simple to say but difficult to do. It is usually necessary for everyone to pay attention to the sorting out of various glass machinery common sense, and for some more complex equipment requirements, relying on professional guidance plans is a norm in the industry. Select glass machinery and manufacturers. The next task is to understand the specific standards of the equipment required. Usually the most important task in this period is to understand the specific standards required for the use of the equipment. This requires specific consultation with the manufacturer’s qualifications and equipment descriptions. The choice of a manufacturer mainly depends on the production capacity and after-sales service of the manufacturer. The quotation must be considered with the quality, and the most cost-effective glass machinery must be selected. Quantitative economic price evaluation is combined with qualitative analysis and analysis. For the economic price evaluation of the glass edging machine procurement plan, the first is procurement cost accounting. Under normal circumstances, procurement costs are divided into two categories: the cost of capital procurement and the cost of operation. The most common capital purchase cost is the purchase cost of the equipment, and the operating cost is the various operating costs that are constantly incurred during the use of the equipment. Typical items include the wages of equipment operators, equipment maintenance costs, maintenance costs, and so on. Once the life cycle cost of the glass edging machine purchase plan is calculated, the present value of the glass edging machine purchase plan can be roughly calculated.
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