How to operate the automatic glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-11

When we use the automatic glass glass cutting machine, we need to check the glass to be cut in advance. For the appearance of glass, the appearance of white spots and scratches is not acceptable. Mass production is only possible after the basic conditions are met. During production and measurement, the measurement object should be measured horizontally and vertically. When necessary, multiple inspections are required.

When lifting the glass, make sure that the glass itself has no cracks, so as not to automatically open the glass when lifting. Below, let us take a look at its correct operation steps.

1. Before using the device, it is necessary to wear protective equipment such as gloves and protective glasses in strict accordance with the requirements.

2. Adjust the vertical and horizontal tools to the regular scale and turn on the power switch.

3. Two people lift the glass to be cut on the cutting table and press the blowing button to make the glass float on the cutting table and move freely.

4. After the glass is positioned, press the stop button, and then press the suction device to firmly fix the glass in the designated position to achieve the positioning effect.

5. After cutting, press the stop button, and then press the purge switch. After the cutting is completed, the Zhengkui glass is transferred to the turning table.

6. Divide the small pieces horizontally and vertically according to the knife marks, and place the remaining material in the designated position. The small pieces of glass are then stacked behind the baffle and placed on the glass rack.

7. After that, clean the cutting table with a rag and clean the glass particles.

The above are the correct operation steps of the automatic glass glass cutting machine, for your reference, I hope it can help you.

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