How to operate manual glass cutting tools

by:Enkong     2022-07-12

There are many types of manual glass cutting tools. For example, when using thin glass tubes and glass rods with a diameter of less than 5mm-10mm, lay them flat on the edge of the table first, and use a triangular file, a grinding wheel (or a newly broken glass) Porcelain bowl piece) Press the edge vertically on the part of the glass tube to be cut, push it forward firmly, so that the file mark reaches 1/3 or 1/4 of the circumference of the tube, pick up the glass tube (rod), use the thumbs of both hands to touch Holding the file mark, hold the glass tube (rod) with your remaining fingers while pulling it back with both hands and breaking it.

First file a thin mark with a file at the incision, and wrap the thin mark with a resistance wire. You can take a section of 150W electric furnace wire and heat it directly. The resistance wire can be regulated with a voltage regulator or low voltage power supply, wait for about a minute for the resistance wire to turn red and warm. Put a drop of cold water on the small mark, meanwhile, if the power is cut off, the glass tube will break along the thin mark.

The broken glass tube orifice is very sharp and easy to scratch the surface, so after breaking the glass, do some treatment.

Cutting is a physical action. Narrow cutting refers to cutting objects (such as food, wood and other low-hardness objects) with sharp tools such as knives; broad cutting refers to cutting objects with tools such as machine tools and flames to make them disconnect again under pressure or high temperature conditions. In mathematics, there is also an extended 'cutting line

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