How to maintain the life of the glass edging machine?

by:Enkong     2021-03-17

From ancient times to the present, the economy has played a very important role in the industry, or in some other industries. The development of science and technology will make the economic development better and better, and the economy is good, so people’s The standard of living will be improved, and people's standard of living will improve. Then there are more products added. For example, CNC special-shaped glass edging machines are relatively good in quality and workmanship equipment, and CNC special-shaped glass edging machines are relatively common in daily life. The application of CNC special-shaped glass edging machine in the glass deep processing industry is common, and it is also very frequent. The service life, consumption efficiency and working accuracy of CNC special-shaped glass edging machine depend on the structure and precision performance of the equipment itself, but to a large extent also depend on its use and maintenance status. The correct operation of the CNC special-shaped glass edging machine can maintain its good working condition, which can effectively avoid abnormal phenomena and prevent sudden problems; at the same time, it can also delay the service life of the machine and improve the efficiency of use. And the careful maintenance of CNC special-shaped glass edging machine can play a 'health care' effect on it, and can ensure its normal and safe operation.

The correct maintenance of the glass edging machine

Nowadays, most glass factories use glass edging machines to process glass. Fully automatic glass edging machines have become the main equipment for glass processing. This type of equipment is different from traditional edging machines. Fully automated, as long as you enter the glass parameters to be processed, the processing can be completed quickly, and one machine can achieve multiple processes including edging, chamfering, and polishing, and product processing can be described as one step. Of course, the cost of such an equipment is not low. How to properly maintain and use the glass edging machine to extend its service life? 1. When cleaning glass machinery and equipment, remove debris that is not related to production, and it is best to remove it once a day. 2. Replace the circulating water to prevent the glass powder from clogging the pump and water pipe. 3. The chains, gears, and screws of the glass edging machine should be filled with grease regularly. 4. When suspending use, keep the surrounding environment of the glass edging machine dry to prevent it from rusting. 5. Timely check whether the gap between the movable parts of the machine has become larger, which is helpful to maintain the accuracy of the processed parts. 6. When processing small pieces of glass with a glass edging machine, you must pay attention to whether the plywood is flat to ensure that the small glass is clamped smoothly.
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