How to maintain the buffer device of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2021-01-29
The composition of the glass cutting machine has a lot of equipment, one is a buffer device, the device also need our regular maintenance, next we are going to introduce the buffer device is a glass cutting machine maintenance. Buffer device of glass cutting machine repair, on the surface of the cutter and hook cold wash clean. Measure the clearance between the coupler. Paint and lubrication hook, lubrication and shaft assembly center. Cleaning, inspection, lubrication, and paint connecting rods, the nondestructive inspection, replace all washers, and pay attention to the connecting rod do not check the vertical support, grounding cables and hoses. Check the manual loosen the wire rope. General overhaul cycle of 25 d, glass cutting machine for decomposition and cleaning machinery parts. Check and clean electrical box, change the contact and seal. Maintenance of mechanical parts, replace the solenoid valve, seal, limit switch, look for magnetic powder hook tongue. Painting, assembly, test, fasteners, tear open hook test, air tightness test. Automatic gear reducer using is self-lubricating bearings, no maintenance, no special lubrication or maintenance in use process. To repair the following: air joint clean and check whether the parts is damaged, and replace the damaged parts; Change the main duct rubber sealing strip, loosen the air duct spring valve interface; Replace the main duct hose and loosen the duct. Buffer device of glass cutting machine can be divided into two categories: renewable buffer device and buffering device. Refresh buffer including double-acting ring spring damper, rubber shock absorber, hydraulic buffer, buffer gas and liquid, etc. Fold pipe is * * * buffer. At the same time in the maintenance should pay attention to safety, be sure to unplug the power plug in advance.
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