How to maintain glass spell mirror

by:Enkong     2021-05-18
Glass spell mirror is a relatively new type of decoration material, usually as a screen, wall act the role ofing, background wall or the space partition to appear, is now highly artistic expression in the household space material, decorate in the modern market high widely welcomed by the majority of people, is the choice for many families, though art spell mirror is very beautiful, but also relatively easy to damage, so must pay attention to the maintenance in the middle of the installation and use process. So glass spell mirror how should maintain? 1, it is important to note at the glass spell mirror to avoid moisture, prevent the oxidation of the glass. 2, maintain indoor dry, avoid damp, away from the stove, to cut off from acid, alkali and other chemical reagents, prevent corrosion deterioration. 3, daily cleaning in the mirror, you can use a wet towel or soft cloth to wipe, if there are some stains are difficult to remove, you can use a towel dipped in some beer or warm the vinegar, can also use some special glass cleaner, do not use very strong acid and alkaline cleaning solution. 4, it is important to note can not use a hard thing to touch the glass surface, so as not to cause the glass surface scratch. With the change of time, the understanding of the mirror and demand more and more, its processing technology also has a lot of change, color, embossing, jade lines are now popular series, use more and more, setting wall, ceiling, partition, porch, can use spell mirror to decorate, this is the art glass mirror.
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