How to do the maintenance work of glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-06

Before the glass glass cutting machine works, make sure the inside is full of cooling circulating water. Automatically fill the water storage tank, open the water storage tank, take out the centrifugal pump, and remove the stains on the centrifugal pump. Clean the chiller, disassemble and replace the cooling circulating water, restore the centrifugal water pump to the water storage tank, insert the water pipe connected to the centrifugal water pump into the water pipe, and clean the connecting joints. Connect the centrifugal pump independently to the power source and run it for 2-3 minutes.

Long-term use of the centrifugal fan will cause a large amount of solid dust to accumulate in the centrifugal fan, resulting in a lot of noise from the centrifugal fan, which is not conducive to the exhaust pipe and deodorization. If the suction power of the centrifugal fan is insufficient, the exhaust system is blocked. First cut off the power supply, separate the air inlet pipe and the air outlet pipe on the centrifugal fan, remove the dust inside, and then turn the centrifugal fan upside down and turn the fan blades inside until the cleaning is done. until clean.

When installing the condenser, try to keep the ball facing down. At the same time, pay attention to the cleaning of the slide rails. Recommended cleaning cycle: more than 10 days, the actual standby operation.

The rolling parallel valve core is one of the key components of the glass glass cutting machine, and its function is to guide and support. In order to maintain the high machining accuracy of the equipment, the slide rails and parallel lines are required to have high guiding accuracy. In order to produce and process this type of equipment with very good quality, the daily maintenance of the slides and parallel spools needs to be done carefully.

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