How to do the maintenance system of the full-automatic glass edging machine?

by:Enkong     2019-12-26
In today's era, there are many kinds of products, and the development of today's society is relatively rapid, now there are a variety of products that will be used by us, because there are a variety of products that will be used by people, it is proved that there are many kinds of products in the market. At present, the way in which more kinds of products are applied becomes simpler, because there are more kinds of products that can be applied in our life, then it can make a variety of problems can be avoided. A variety of mechanical products are better known and recognized by people, and now a variety of mechanical products have more performance. The full-automatic glass edging machine is one of a variety of mechanical products. In order to prevent the equipment of the full-automatic glass edging machine from running with diseases and improve the equipment integrity rate, the equipment maintenance system of the day, month and year should be formulated according to the specific conditions of each full-automatic glass edging machine. Mainly includes: maintenance content, maintenance time and maintenance personnel configuration, relevant personnel responsibilities and inspection standards, etc. The maintenance items and contents have been further refined. According to the actual operation of the equipment of the full-automatic glass edging machine, the maintenance items and contents shall be modified and supplemented irregularly.
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