How to deal with and reduce the noise that 3 d scanning light machine?

by:Enkong     2021-01-11
With the rise of smart phones, mobile phone glass cover is widely used in mobile phone screen, as an emerging industry, and the surface of glass, 2. 5 d and 3 d) Was very positive about the emergence of market prospects, sweep light machine is critical, not too fast, too slow, and requires high efficiency and low noise. 3 d scanning light machine occur in use for a long time after a few small problems, in the case of noise occurred, how should we deal with and reduce the noise of 3 d scanning light machine? Below by the shenzhen factory staff to introduce: when occurrence problem of 3 d scanning light machine needs repair, then there will be a period of time don't apply, not a series of dust collects on the equipment appearance. This time will show some not rolling bearing, in the use of time will not present noise. If the 3 d scan light machine noise is bigger than ever, and the entire pads are presented slight vibration condition, this time you can conclude that bearing damaged, when bearing fixed equipment will make noise. So is there any way to judge whether the noise of the plane polishing machine? This time can be constant contact with the hand, noise is very large or if the device is present the phenomenon of hot, so this time you can conclude that the motor damage. Phone toughened membrane sweep light casing cover loose will produce noise, so we need to check for the shell cover and tighten, effectively reduce the noise of the harm to human body, operators need to wear the appropriate protection tools, but want to fundamentally solve the problem of mobile phone toughened film sweep light machine noise, still need to strengthen the inspection and maintenance of equipment. Sweep light machine also need to know the main source of noise, gear noise also is one kind of operation, due to the gear surface appear wear away, causing large noise when driving. The solution is to gear the appropriate adjustments, and to ensure that each pair of gears are maintain lubricity. Over how to deal with and reduce the noise that 3 d scanning light machine? Is introduced to here, if you can pay attention to the above points, can reduce sweep light in many machine generated noise pollution.
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