How to correctly choose glass cutter knife wheel

by:Enkong     2021-01-04
Can't cut glass cutting machine: the principle of the glass, you can do is in satisfactory crack is formed on the glass, and use the glass since the cracking resistance of glass broken. With A serrated knife wheel cutting principle: A, micro vibration: round knife blade on the uniform distribution of small teeth, in the process of cutting, knife wheel rotation will produce slight vibration, the vibration provides staccato to force. B, micro damage: cutting process, only the tooth into the glass, the tangent is intermittent small pit, the cracking resistance of glass together, each small pit damage drop small glass. C, high permeability: because of the cutting process is done under the micro vibration of continuously, each tooth complete a 'tap' on the glass, the glass will break down the deeper, namely high permeability. With a serrated knife wheel craft characteristics make smaller pressure can complete the cutting of high quality, simple operation, can adapt to all kinds of different category of cutting machine. Circle blade and belt tooth difference: 1. Round 360 degrees full blade, blade without blade; 2. Toothed part lack of edge, with the imperfect; Tooth loss of micro vibration ( Negligible, but exist) ; Cutting quality: two knife wheel each have advantages: circle blade belongs to continuous cutting, glass cutting line crack is not obvious, Angle of blade choice is critical. Permeability is bad. Toothed belongs to the discontinuous cutting, gear tooth depth can be adjusted according to customer's requirement to fulfill the requirements of cutting quality. No matter how to debug, but glass cutting line side cracks will exist. Its advantage is excellent permeability. ( Chemical surface strengthening glass must be used with serrated knife wheel) Procurement costs: the cost of toothed prices far above circle blade knife. In such a tiny knife wheel work out evenly, to meet the requirements of customers small tooth, it is very difficult. This process, only a handful of companies around the world, in a short period of time can't make the cost reduced
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