How to Clean a Laser Glass Cutting Machine

by:Enkong     2022-06-10

In recent years, in the face of laser cutting equipment on the market, laser glass cutting machines need to be cleaned after long-term use. So how to clean the laser glass cutting machine? The following is a brief introduction for you.

Rotate the center of the glass laser cutter lens and wipe the edges clean. The lens and focus need to be removed from the frame and wiped down the same way. After erasing, it needs to be put back in place. The lens should be wiped gently to avoid damaging the surface coating, be careful when cleaning to avoid dropping it, and install the focusing lens with the concave side facing down.

The guide rail and straight shaft are one of the core components of the equipment used for guiding and supporting. In order to ensure the high machining accuracy of the machine tool, the guide rail and linear guide of the glass glass cutting machine have high guiding accuracy and good Machining quality, routine maintenance of slides and straight lines.

When the fan is used for a long time, a large amount of solid dust will accumulate during the operation of the fan, and it will make a loud noise, which is not conducive to exhaust deodorization. When the fan intake is insufficient, the flue gas will not freed. You should first turn off the power, remove the fan's inlet and outlet ducts, clean the inside of the fan for dust, then turn the fan upside down, take out the blade fan inside for cleaning, and install the fan.

Based on the above introduction, I believe that everyone has more knowledge and understanding of the method of cleaning laser glass cutting machines. Thank you for your patience to watch. If you are interested, you can pay attention to this site.

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