How to choose the suitable machine on the glass

by:Enkong     2020-12-25
In the glass processing factory to choose the appropriate glass machine has become extremely important. So, how to choose for their own glass machine a really suitable for their own? Here small make up, for everyone is a list of the following: 1. If factory not hanging line, the order is not very complete, there is no need to blindly follow the trend, choose fully automatic glass cutting machine, rather than with manual semi-automatic glass in the table below. 2, if deep processing workshop is mainly by the hollow glass, glass thickness less than 8 mm, should choose relatively fast speed of fast cutting machine, high efficiency; 3, choose the real brand equipment, at present, the imitation of the model on the market a lot, there are small mill type small plant, the factory does not have its own research and development team, often blindly copy, and crude oil production tools, simple processing, glass table while prices are low, but not guaranteed quality and after-sale service; 4. Select the latest model. Now, the most advanced glass desktop product version has been upgraded to the highest levels of V2013. The product of previous product has the change of the breakthrough, than the previous version, use rise more quickly and easily. 5. According to different location choice model, equipped with different power supply, air interface.
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