How to choose the right glass cutting machine speed?

by:Enkong     2021-01-03
How to choose the right glass cutting machine speed? Before cutting, glass cutting machine operation speed can be set by the operator. In order to achieve best cutting quality, working in different speed between a best cutting speed range. Can choose according to equipment specification range or determined through experiments. Cutting speed along with the melting point, thermal conductivity and surface tension, which related to the thickness of the material itself and the quality. 1. Increasing cutting speed can improve the quality of incision, even slightly narrow incision, incision smooth surface, the deformation is small. 2. Cutting too fast will make cutting line energy is lower than the required value. Jet don't blow away the slit in the molten immediately cutting fluid, it will create huge resistance. As the elastic adhesive on the incision, the surface of the incision quality decline. 3. When the anode plasma arc cutting point lead to cutting speed is too low, in order to maintain the stability of the arc itself, must be found in the most close to the arc cutting seam near the conduction current, at the same time will pass more calories. Along the radial jet flow in order to enlarge incision. Incision on either side of the edge of the molten material in aggregate and curing, floating slag aggregates in edge curing form the floating slag is not easy to clean. Due to overheating, incision on the edge of turned round. 4. When the speed is very low, because the incision is very wide, arc will disappear. Therefore, good cutting quality and cutting speed is inseparable.
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