How to choose glass cutting machine how to choose a glass cutting machine of the Angle of the cutting tools

by:Enkong     2021-01-30
About how to choose glass cutting machine how to choose a glass cutter Angle of the cutting tools as one of the older of glass material, not only can used for the field of architecture, art, it is often used in medical, instrumentation, etc. Different types of glass have different characteristics, must pay attention to when using. However most of the people for the glass is not enough understanding, often cause some misunderstanding and trouble. In this article, we will analysis the glass cutter selection method, introduces how to select glass cutter Angle of the cutting tools. A, how to choose when buying a glass cutting machine, glass cutting machine must pay attention to the choice and their products conform to the cutting machine, the automatic glass cutting machine, for example, when the choose and buy, should pay attention to what aspects: automatic layout optimization function: because of the particularity of their work, the general level of little arrangement of highly educated or people go to work, so requires cutting machine operation is simple, and easy to understand, security and stability. Optimization to apply to their own actual situation, not the pursuit of optimal rate of 100%, can lead to cut can't break, work efficiency drops, also can't completely according to the manufacturer specifications optimization, for domestic original plate glass does not lead to cutter knife phenomenon, and different cutting graphics library and more flexible, graphics file can be imported into the gallery. Type: according to own actual cutting layout condition, more suitable for their own choice, which is given priority to with what cut glass, namely to consider the basis of the layout, don't big feet shoes, because involves the equipment of normal wear and waste money. Save energy: when also can finish the cutting requirements, select save energy consumption of cutting opportunities brought many benefits to itself: a, along with the social development, energy shortage, the price will be rising, consumption can save part of the daily production cost; Second, the consumption can protect the environment, save energy. Cutting accuracy: choose according to their actual requirements, this can't see the introduction of product manuals and light manufacturer that mainly on the technology of probe, such as: knife wheel control, the adaptation of the gear and rack, design reasonable, the level of the control system, and then measured in the actual cutting. So as to fully grasp the mechanical part and control system of synchronous cutting control level. Simple maintenance convenient: input and output don't equipped with too much, and mechanical sensors on the unnecessary switch and lamp less as far as possible, because once a device on the machine is out of order will affect the use of cutting machine. Cutting speed: on the premise of meet the cutting precision to talk about speed, eyes because it is difficult to determine whether to achieve a reasonable speed, so can use cutting machine servo driver with the function of software simulation to check whether the speed of the motor can be achieved. Second, how to choose a glass cutting machine cutting head Angle Angle refers to the cut glass cutter holder can bend degree. Knife holder for glass cutter Angle for glass thickness is different, the conventional glass thickness suitable Angle of the cutting tools selection is as follows: 3 mm below 135 ° - 140°; 3mm- With 140 ° - 4 mm 145°; 4mm- With 145 ° 6 mm; 5mm- With 150 ° 8 mm; 8mm- With 155 ° 10 mm; 10mm- With 160 ° 12 mm; More than 12 mm with 165 °;
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