How the glass edge grinding machine of the buffer device maintenance

by:Enkong     2021-04-18
How the glass edge grinding machine of buffer device maintenance, there are a lot of about the composite of glass edge grinding machine device, and one of them is the buffer device, we need to about the this device is not regular inspection and maintenance, so as to better use. Here we are going to introduce is the glass edge grinding machine for the maintenance of buffer device. Glass edge grinding machine buffer device maintenance, cleaning the surface of the mechanical coupling and hook, cold wash ways should be adopted. The coupling hook tongue clearance measurement. Glass edge grinding machine, check the hook parts wear to hook lock connection rod, hoop, hook lock, tongue pin for inspection. Paint for the hook parts and lubrication as well as to the central shaft for lubrication and assembly. Cleaning, inspection, lubrication and paint link rod, NDT and replace all washers, must pay attention to the connection rod can not check the vertical bearing, grounding cables and hoses. Check the manual hook steel rope. Glass edge grinding machine general overhaul cycle of 25 d. Decomposition and cleaning of mechanical parts. To check and clean electrical box and change the contact and sealing ring. For mechanical parts for maintenance and replacement solenoid valve, seals and limit switch and magnetic particle inspection to hook tongue, etc. Painting, assembly and test, bench test for coupling hook hanging settlement test and air tightness test. Automatic hook slow device used for self-lubricating bearing maintenance free bearing, in use process, do not need to specifically lubrication or maintenance. Pneumatic connector repair for gas path for maintenance as follows: clean and check if parts are damaged, replace the damaged parts; Replace the main duct and hook duct spring valve the interface of rubber seals; Replace the main duct and hook duct rubber hose. Glass edge grinding machine buffer device maintenance, buffer buffer device is divided into renewable and non-renewable buffer of two types, renewable buffers have double-acting ring spring damper, rubber buffers, hydraulic buffers and buffer etc, crushing pipe is non-renewable buffer. That is about the glass edge grinding machine buffer device maintenance, at the time of maintenance should pay attention to safety, unplug the power supply in advance. Don't know what you learned, if you still want to learn more knowledge, can call our phone to understand, you also can pay attention to our website, we are looking forward to cooperating with you!
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