How reliable is the operation of the glass cutting machine?

by:Enkong     2022-05-25

There are several water pipes on the outer circumference of the motor of the glass cutting machine. There is a water pump in the water tank. The water pump is connected with the water pipe. When the motor needs to dissipate heat, the water pump controls the water circulation in the water pipe, and the heat dissipation is fast, which improves the practicality of the cutting machine. Next, the editor will take you to understand how reliable the glass glass cutting machine is.

There are two spraying parts on the output shaft, the spraying parts are connected with the fixing rod, the two fixing rods are connected with the connecting pipe, the spraying parts include a sleeve, and the center of the sleeve is set. There are bearings, the output shaft passes through the bearings, and the gears are mounted on the bearings.

The upper inner wall of the sleeve is provided with a nozzle, the water sprayed from the nozzle is perpendicular to the tooth surface near the gear, the nozzle is provided with a block fixed to the gear, the nozzle is hinged with the sleeve, and the hinge is provided with a torsion. spring.

When the workbench needs to be cleaned, the two sleeves are controlled by the pump, the connecting pipe enters the water from the corresponding nozzle, the gear rotates, and then the gear teeth can continuously move the fixed block, so that the nozzle is in the torque spring. Swinging under the action can clean the surface of the worktable, reciprocate back and forth, and improve the practicability of the glass cutting machine. I hope the above can help you.

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