How much do you know automatic glass machine?

by:Enkong     2021-02-22
2016 popular mobile convenient and economical processing machinery and equipment glass with automatic glass machine, glass machine design has the universal wheel mobile device, can move in the workshop 360 degrees, solve the problem of the traditional glass looking for equipment, can be arbitrary move glass machine directly to the front of the glass frame for piece on the operation. Consultation please call: 13792026288 auto glass slice machine is an important equipment in the automatic glass production line, what is the distinguishing feature of it? 1, cover an area of an area small, less investment, quick effect. 2, high quality control system, ensure the stable operation of the equipment. 3, unique flip system, improve the work efficiency, save human resources, improve the security. 4, perfect the machine moving device, solves the stacking and artificial lift, put a piece of glass. 5, unique wireless remote control system, not only make the job easy and simple; And effectively avoid the likely causing injuries and property losses. Fully automatic glass machine is a very suitable set of glass slices, air flotation, snapping three functions in one machine. Unique travel mechanism, thoroughly solved the problem of the glass to pile up, perfect wireless remote control system can be easily into slices, put pieces, to break off pieces and problems, and safe and reliable, and has solved the difficult of choose and employ persons, staff security and other issues. Equipment or a portable air flotation, than ordinary gas platform is more flexible and convenient to use and make glass move more easily, also protect the glass from the scratch. Snapping piece system can adapt to any size of glass cutting bye. Combined with walks, turn-over structure, organization structure, air floating system, vacuum system, break off the six big system. Not only the workload of manual operation, but also made the hard work. Save the labor cost at the same time, make dangerous work safe and reliable. Fully automatic glass machine production and processing to the enterprise brought great convenience, cost savings for the enterprise at the same time, also improve the benefit of the enterprise.
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