How much can everyone know about the glass cutting machine system?

by:Enkong     2022-01-16

Glass cutting machine refers to a processing machine dedicated to glass processing and blanking. The glass cutting machine includes an air-floating sheet feeding table arranged end to end and a double bridge interchange cutting table. . We need to know the system of the cutting machine, which has a great influence on our use of the glass cutting machine of this manufacturer. The five system knowledge points of glass cutting machine will be explained to you today.

1. Control system: use AC contactor work indicator to display operating system.

2. Grinding system: select high-speed three-phase AC motor to ensure the continuous and stable performance of the machine during long-term use. The grinding wheel is manufactured by the new internationally popular technology, which ensures the machining accuracy and polishing brightness, and ensures the mirror effect.

3. Clamping transmission system: select single scroll transmission and double scroll transmission, the frequency converter can reach a speed of 0.4-3 meters smoothly during operation, and Meet the needs of different processes.

4. Cooling system: A circulating water pump with a head of 36 meters is used to save water and ensure the supply of cooling water.

5. Acceptance system: This machine is suitable for the right-angle bevel grinding of flat glass. The mirror effect can be achieved by one grinding and polishing, which fills the gap in the international market. It is an ideal equipment for large-scale bevel grinding of glass processing enterprises. The five major systems of glass cutting machines are issues that we should understand. Only in this way can our glass cutting machine operate better. Of course, we should also have a good understanding of maintenance knowledge, otherwise wrong maintenance will cause problems with the glass glass cutting machine.

The glass cutting machine is the first process in the deep processing of glass, and it is also the most used process. When cutting with an automatic glass glass cutting machine, professional personnel are required for typesetting. Our glass cutting machine is relatively simple and convenient to use. If you need a glass cutting machine, you can contact us directly, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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