How many types of glass edging machines are there?

by:Enkong     2021-03-16

The main types of glass edging machines are as follows: 1. Single-arm special-shaped edging machine (abbreviated as special-shaped machine or single-arm machine) The biggest feature of the special-shaped machine is its wide range of uses and low price. The special-shaped machine can grind straight edges, rounded edges, duckbill edges, and beveled edges; it can grind round workpieces, as well as elliptical and special-shaped workpieces. Install the master mold on the independent suction cup, and use the special-shaped machine to grind some irregularly shaped workpieces. The special-shaped machine has a simple structure and relatively low manufacturing cost, so the price is relatively cheap, and the general domestic machine can be bought for about 20,000 yuan. 2. Linear edging machine The linear edging machine has three characteristics: one is that it has a single purpose and can only grind all kinds of straight edges; the second is continuous grinding and the production efficiency is higher; the third is that it can grind larger sizes. plate glass. Straight-line edging machine is the edging machine with the most varieties and specifications among all kinds of edging machines. According to the different straight edges that can be ground, it can be divided into the following three types: (1) Straight-line edging machine (referred to as straight edge) Machine) The straight-edge machine can only grind the flat bottom and two corners of the glass. According to the number of grinding heads, there are several models such as three, five, eight, nine, ten, thirteen, and fourteen grinding heads. Generally speaking, the more the number of grinding heads, the higher the grinding accuracy and production efficiency, and the higher the price of the machine. The computer-controlled straight edge machine (generally the number of grinding heads is ten or more) is more expensive. In recent years, a dual-purpose straight edge machine that can grind the bottom edge of 45 degrees and flatten the bottom edge has appeared in the domestic market, and the amount of it is relatively large. There is also an edging machine that can grind one or two sets of angled bottom edges, called a multi-stage edging machine. There are many grinding heads of this model, which are generally controlled by computer, and the equipment price is relatively high. (2) Straight-line circle (round-edging machine for short) The round-edging machine can grind the round edges, duckbill edges, etc. of glass, and is often used in the processing of furniture and glass. There are also several models of round edge machines, such as three, five, six, seven, eight, and nine grinding heads. (3) Straight line beveling machine (abbreviated as beveling machine) The beveling machine is generally used to grind the beveling edge of glass from 3 to 20o. Now, some beveling machines can also grind 45o bevels. The beveling machine is divided according to the number of grinding heads, and there are also models of seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, and fourteen grinding heads.
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