How is the utilization of automatic glass cutting machine

by:Enkong     2022-05-20

There are three main types of glass: laminated glass, tempered glass and area tempered glass. They can withstand strong impact and usually require the use of automatic cutting machines during glass processing. Next, the editor will introduce automatic glass cutting How is the use of the chip machine.

The adjustment of the cutting depth of the traditional automatic glass cutting machine is cumbersome, which seriously affects the convenience of the cutting machine. The traditional automatic cutting machine generally does not have protection when clamping the glass. It is easy to damage the glass when clamping, and the traditional automatic glass cutting machine generally has a narrow range of use, which brings great difficulties to people's use.

The automatic glass cutting machine includes a device body, a storage room, a cutting beam frame, a wire adjusting sleeve, a screw, and a sheet beam frame. A control panel is installed on the outer wall of one end of the sheet beam frame, and a control panel is installed on the top of the sheet beam frame. A transverse cavity is arranged in the center, a motor is installed at one end of the transverse cavity, the input end of the motor is connected with the control panel, and the output end of the internal single-chip microcomputer is electrically connected with it.

The screw is hinged in the transverse cavity on the motor side through the support bearing, one end of the screw is fixedly connected with the output end of the motor through the coupling, the surface thread of the transverse cavity is connected with the feeding nut frame, and the feeding nut The bottom end of the frame is threadedly connected with the threaded adjusting sleeve.

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