How is the compound film of the glass cutting machine formed?

by:Enkong     2022-01-08

How is the compound film of the glass cutting machine formed? The compound film is a relevant situation that we need to grasp in our lives. Then these are all things worthy of our attention. The glass cutting machine manufacturers only want to develop in the market with advanced technology. Combining them, constantly producing new products and high-quality goods, is full of vitality. Integration, networking, digitization, and virtualization.

Has good energy-saving effect and optical performance. Vacuum magnetron sputtering (PVD), also known as off-line method, can realize mass production of Low-E glass with complex film system, and has become the mainstream production process of Low-E glass in recent years. Compared with traditional heat-reflective coated glass, Low-E glass has more coating layers and thinner. Especially in recent years, double silver/three silver Low-E glass has been promoted. Some products need to deposit as many as 20 layers of different materials. The film, which puts forward very strict requirements on the quality and uniformity of each layer of film. If the quality and uniformity of the single-layer film cannot be well controlled, the color, light transmittance and other optical inhomogeneities of the accumulated multi-layer film will be very obvious. Therefore, for the existing PVD coating process, improving the quality and uniformity of the coating is a very critical issue. The uniformity of process gas distribution is one of the main means of film uniformity control, and the uniformity of process gas distribution is very important. We use the following two methods to ensure the uniformity of the process gas distribution along the width of the glass plate: the gas distribution pipeline is divided into a main pipe and an auxiliary pipe. The main pipe is controlled by three mass flow meters to control the gas supply of the glass glass cutting machine. The auxiliary pipe is based on The width of the cathode is divided into 3 to 7 sections, and each section is individually controlled by a mass flow meter to control the flow of process gas.

The process of forming the compound film of the glass cutting machine is worthy of our consideration. Then this related thing is worth learning. To determine the type of the compound film of the glass cutting machine, we need a glass glass cutting machine Prescribe the right medicine and deal with it in time to prevent the spread of pollution and cause large-scale lesions.

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