How does the manufacturer test the accuracy of the glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-17

How does the manufacturer test the accuracy of the glass edging machine? For the accuracy of the glass glass edging machine, how do we check whether it is accurate? Here is how the manufacturer tests the accuracy of the glass glass edging machine.

In order to effectively use the established database and knowledge base, and further use data mining theory, extract or'mine' useful information and knowledge from a large number of sample data of the operating state of the glass edging machine, research and propose based on The method of building a database for the dynamic performance sample data of the whole machine based on the principle of data mining is to realize the effective organization and utilization of the whole machine sample database and knowledge base. In addition, the actual operation of the glass glass edging machine is carried out based on the test of sample data collection and database construction of typical functional components of the whole machine. In the test, data collection of test-cut standard specimens of various materials and data collection and analysis of simulated typical failures are carried out. . On the basis of experimental research, the method of acquiring sample data and building a database is revised and optimized, and the failure prediction test of typical functional components is carried out to realize the data acquisition and analysis of test samples.

The above is how the manufacturer tests the accuracy of the glass edging machine. I believe you all know it. Welcome everyone to come to our company to buy!

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