How does the manufacturer remove dust from the glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-01-18

How does the manufacturer remove dust from the glass glass edging machine. After we have used the glass edging machine for a long time, we also need to remove the dust of the glass glass edging machine. Below, I will explain to you how the manufacturer removes the dust of the glass edging machine.

1. Including a water outlet pipe, a water spray nozzle, a scattering baffle and a pressurizer, wherein the port of the water outlet pipe is connected with the water nozzle, and the water nozzle has a small nozzle.

2. The scattering baffle is arranged in front of the water spray nozzle and is fixed on the water outlet pipe by adjusting the connecting piece, and a pressurizer is installed on the pipeline of the water outlet pipe. The adjusting connecting piece is composed of an adjusting bolt and a fixing plate. The fixing plate is installed on the peripheral side of the water outlet pipe. The two ends of the fixing plate are connected with the scattering baffle through the adjusting bolts as a whole.

3. The pressurizer can be a pressurizing pump or a pressurizing valve, so that the water flow in the outlet pipe is pressurized and flows out of the spray nozzle to form a high-speed water flow, and the high-speed water flow hits the scattering baffle in front of it The small water droplets that split into mist have the advantages of low cost and strong practicability.

The above is how the manufacturer removes dust from the glass edging machine. I believe everyone knows it. Welcome everyone to come to our company to buy!

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