How does the glass cutting machine work?

by:Enkong     2022-06-03

The sliding block of the glass glass cutting machine is connected with the horizontal push-pull cylinder, the sliding block is fixedly connected with the cutting rod and the motor, the end of the cutting rod is the cutting head, the cutting rod is covered with a rotating sleeve, and the rotating sleeve is connected with the motor shaft through a transmission belt. The rotating sleeve includes an inner sleeve ring and an outer sleeve ring. The inner collar and the outer collar are filled with absorbable cotton, and an annular cavity is arranged on the inner collar. The annular cavity on the side wall of the inner collar communicates with the leakage hole, and the structure is stable.

When using, put the glass on the worktable and adjust the position of the cutting head, including the vertical push-pull cylinder to move the cutting head vertically, the horizontal push-pull cylinder to move the cutting head horizontally, and the horizontal push-pull cylinder to move the cutting head horizontally. The roller drives the cutting head to move during operation to realize glass cutting.

Tubular glass should be cut when processing glass. This operation is usually done directly with glass chips, but the use of a machine is also essential. Today I will introduce how the glass cutting machine works.

The tubular glass cutting machine includes upper and lower clamps. It is characterized in that two connecting platforms are arranged on both sides of the upper clip and the lower clip. The connecting bolts are fixed by the corresponding connecting platforms and nuts. The top of the bolt is provided with a clamp, an upper clamp and a lower clamp. There are arcs respectively.

Several rolling bearings of the glass cutting machine are installed on the cage along the arc, and then installed along the lower arc. A cutting piece is installed in the middle of the arc of the holder. The cutting piece is fixed on the connecting plate, and the connecting plate slides on the bracket. The gripper is connected to a pinned connection plate that can move when the gripper is pulled.

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