How does the glass Chamfering machine make the glass bottle mouth?

by:Enkong     2019-12-15
At present, there are many glass Chamfering Machines in glass production, and glass Chamfering Machines can use more beautiful glass, so how can Glass Chamfering Machines make glass bottles. 1. Ingredients, according to the designed material list, weigh all kinds of raw materials and mix them evenly in a mixer. The main raw materials of glass are quartz sand, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, boric acid, etc. 2, melting, the prepared raw materials are heated at high temperature to form a uniform bubble-free glass liquid. This is a very complicated physical and chemical reaction process. The melting of glass is carried out in a melting furnace. There are two main types of melting furnaces: one is a crucible kiln in which glass is filled and heated outside The Crucible. Only one crucible is placed in the small crucible kiln, and the large one can be as many as 20 crucibles. Crucible kiln is produced by Gap type. Now only optical glass and color glass are produced by Crucible kiln. The other is a pool kiln, in which the glass is melted and the open flame is heated at the top of the glass level. The melting temperature of glass is mostly 1300 ~ 1600 ゜ C. Most of them are heated by flame, and some are heated by current, which is called electric melting furnace. At present, pool kilns are continuously produced. Small pool kilns can be several meters and large ones can be as large as more than 400 meters. 3. Forming is to convert the melted glass liquid into a solid product with a fixed shape. Forming must be carried out within a certain temperature range. This is a cooling process. Glass is first changed from viscous liquid to plastic and then into brittle solid. Forming methods can be divided into artificial forming and mechanical forming. This is how the glass beveling machine popularized the glass bottle mouth.
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