How does glass deep processing work?

by:Enkong     2022-07-19

Glass glass edging machine is an indispensable equipment in glass deep processing production. The main function is to smooth the glass and make some special shapes. Correct and reasonable use of the edging machine can not only ensure the normal production, but also prolong the life of the machine. Divided into glass bilateral edger, glass bevel edger, glass straight edger.

Let's take a look at the glass multi-level edger: The glass multi-level edger is based on the glass edging machine and adds the function of grinding multi-level edges. The front chamfering grinding head can be used at 45° and 90° Electric switch between ° to realize the processing of the level edge, the bottom edge and the rear 45° chamfering at one time, so that the straight edge and the multi-level edge are processed at one time.


The base, beam, grinding head seat, etc. are high-quality castings that are firm and stable, and the square beam will never be deformed;

The grinding head motor adopts the advanced special motor of 'Xindongya' brand;

2.2KW Jiali large-scale governor, Jiali worm gear box, the transmission is more durable;

Conveyor chain transmission; thickened square tube racks can carry the original thick glass processing;

The grinding wheel is super sharp, OasisNew, and the bottom polishing is imported 10S40, CE3 or SD001, and the effect is as bright as a mirror after polishing;

The oil pump supplies oil to lubricate the grinding seat and the sliding plate function can easily adjust the grinding head up and down;

The ordinary straight edge machine function plus the multi-level edge function, the glass edge grinder that can be adjusted by 45°-90°;

In general, the glass multi-stage edging machine is more powerful and more convenient to use, and is an important equipment in the glass deep processing industry.

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