How does a glass cutting machine work

by:Enkong     2022-06-03

The glass glass cutting machine is composed of a base frame mechanism, a beam mechanism, a glass processing table, a cutter head mechanism, a conveying mechanism, a mechanical positioning mechanism, an electrical control system, etc., with a complex structure. Its processing method is controlled by computer software equipped with the machine, drawing directly, and then performing operations. In this way, it is possible to set in advance whether to make square, round or special-shaped glass through the computer without making a mold in advance.

The advanced form of this cutting machine is the production line model. In addition to the feeding table, computer cutting machine, and crusher, this model also has a feeding table. The whole process of the assembly line is controlled by computer, with a high degree of automation and a long adaptation time. The operation of a large number of glass products is convenient for repair and maintenance.

When cutting with a glass glass cutting machine, it needs to be typeset before cutting, film removal and other processes. It is not only required to discharge as many workpieces of the required shape as possible on the original glass sheet to improve the utilization rate of raw materials, but also the typesetting operation is simple and easy to use and easy to use. Mechanical interactive typesetting is a common and convenient typesetting method when operators perform typesetting and cutting on the spot according to the work order. Always check moving parts for abnormal noise. If there is any abnormal sound, it should be stopped immediately to check and troubleshoot. After troubleshooting, check whether the cutter wheel returns to the origin before starting the machine, so as to prevent the beam from rushing out of the guide rail after starting the machine (special precautions).

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