Glass polishing method and automatic speed regulating glass edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-07-20

Glass polishing refers to the use of chemical or physical methods to remove the lines, scratches and other defects on the glass surface, improve the transparency and refractive index of the glass, and make the glass more vitrified.

Method 1: Fire polishing.

The use of flame to soften the glass surface and the impact of firepower on the glass can solve some textures on the surface of glass products, but the flatness of the glass surface after treatment will be reduced. Generally, the mouth of hollow vessel glass is rough after cutting, and this method can be used for polishing ..

Applicable material glass: soda lime glass, high bouncing silica glass.

Negative effects: easy to fry.

Method 2: Polishing with polishing powder.

The high-speed friction of polishing powder on the glass surface is used to remove scratches, sassafras, etc., which can maximize the light transmittance and refraction effect of the glass. Before polishing, the polished part should be sanded with abrasive belts for pure flat application. 400 mesh glass edging machine above emery grinding disc grinding. There are many tools and materials used for this polishing method, but the best effect is wool wheel + cerium oxide (common name: rare earth polishing powder). The production and use of machinery are not here. detailed.

Applicable material glass: the vast majority of glass products.

Negative effect: relatively slow.

Method 3: Acid polishing.

The surface of the glass is treated by the corrosive effect of acid on the glass. Before polishing, the surface of the glass should also be polished with abrasive belts, because acid polishing can reduce the thickness of the glass a lot, but it may not be able to remove all the lines of the glass. Its formula changes according to different glass materials. This method is extremely dangerous, and non-professionals and companies with complete equipment do not recommend personal testing.

When using the automatic speed regulating glass edging machine, the above situation should be avoided as much as possible. The glass glass edging machine manufacturer can improve the edging effect of the automatic speed regulating glass edging machine.

1. When installing the automatic speed regulating glass edging machine, the built foundation is not strong and cannot bear the weight of the automatic speed regulating glass edging machine, which makes some places sink, causing the automatic speed regulating glass edging machine to be uneven and affecting the automatic speed control glass glass edging machine. The edging effect of a speed-regulated glass edging machine.

2. The supporting point of the automatic speed regulating glass edging machine is not well fixed, and the supporting point should also be fixed. During the operation of the machine, the machine will shift from the previous position due to some original displacement phenomenon, which will also affect The edging effect of the automatic speed regulating glass edging machine.

3. The chain is unstable. After using the automatic speed regulating glass edging machine for a long time, the chain wears more seriously. When conveying, the speed is not as uniform as before, and the time spent in the edging process is different, resulting in The edging effect of the automatic speed-regulating glass edging machine is also useless.

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