Glass machinery of glass edge grinding machine solution, on the edge of collapse

by:Enkong     2021-03-19
Glass edge grinding, no grinding wheel is straight or grinding straight edge of the alien will often meet the edge of collapse phenomenon, this relationship may be related to the quality of the machines or all staff have all sorts of reasons of the improper operation, as long as we carefully patience to screen will soon be able to correct. A, look at your first is positive in the direction of the grinding wheel or the if it is to the family of the three electric exchange of the wheels of the two if it is a new clothes, take glass at the edge of grinding a few times more in the machine, but to see if your wheels under didn't look at your wheels sheung shui on tightening up didn't see you sweep wheel is no good mode, usually is 8 round 2, too fast, fine grinding edge in 2 - commonly 3 mm/min can be three, the poor quality glass edge grinding machine grinding wheel, so don't be penny and encouragement, pound-foolish left side too big five, four, glass clamp with no clamping seven, six, grinding wheel turning too big motor fixed mount loose eight, grinding wheel lock not nine, grinding wheel with partial above problem general staff adjustment can be easily found. If staff cannot operation had to find glass machinery manufacturer to do after-sales service served
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