Glass machinery manufacturers talk about whether the glass edging machine can grind stone

by:Enkong     2022-01-05

Many people think that it is an edging machine, so the glass glass edging machine should also be able to grind stone. Of course, grinding can be done, but the damage to the glass edging machine is huge. The glass glass edging machine has the characteristics of rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing at one time. The glass straight line edging machine is used to grind the straight flat edges of flat glass of different sizes and thicknesses, and the edges of the straight flat edges can be inverted by 45 degrees. Horn. The rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing of flat edges and the rough and fine grinding of edges can be processed at one time.

Glass edging machine is mainly suitable for the processing of furniture glass, architectural glass and craft glass. It is one of the earliest and largest cold processing equipment in glass machinery deep processing equipment.

Main function: Used for grinding and polishing the bottom edge and corners of glass.

Main features: It can grind all kinds of round edges, straight edges, duckbill edges, etc., and is not restricted by the size of the length, width, and circle of the glass shape, processing The thickness of the plate is 3-25mm, but it cannot grind various shapes like a stone glass edging machine.

Advantages of the equipment: it is processed in one step by integrating rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, chamfering and other processes. It adopts frequency converter speed regulation or stepless speed regulation, and the adjustable range is large. , The variable speed is stable, and the feeding speed and feed rate can be adjusted arbitrarily during the grinding process.

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