Glass machinery manufacturers explain the characteristics of glass washing machines

by:Enkong     2022-01-05

Glass machinery manufacturers explain the characteristics of the glass washing machine:

1. Adopting the national standard square tube frame; horizontal structure;

2. The temperature controller of the glass edging machine can be Adjust the blowing temperature, which can be adjusted from 0-90°;

3. The transmission part of the glass edging machine is controlled by a stepless speed changer, and the cleaning speed can be adjusted arbitrarily;

4, The conveyor rollers, brush rollers and sponge rollers of the glass washing machine are made of high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistant materials, and have a long service life;

5. The glass washing machine is driven by a dense roller and has a large processing area. Circulating water to clean the glass is completed at one time.

6. The glass glass edging machine uses a centrifugal fan, with low volume and large air volume; high temperature drying system, the surface temperature of the glass after cleaning is about 30-50°.

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