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Glass machinery factory told you how to maintain the glass washing machine

by:Enkong     2021-05-27
For glass cleaning machine, daily maintenance and maintenance than after repair are much more important. However, preventive maintenance and pay attention to the details of even more. Transfer part of maintenance is worth focusing on a timely according to the instruction manual on the lubrication and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of transmission system. And the quality of the water cycle system is related to clean the glass, so we suggest to replace the tank of water every day. Every week to clean water tank and filter device. In the cleaning process for single, can through the holes on the nozzle spray water tank lid, if there is a block should stop immediately, and then remove the nozzle, the nozzle is normal after the dredging work in debugging after the installation. In addition to check the water circulation system, we need to pay attention to the regular maintenance of the wind road system, in addition to regularly check the operation condition of the fan, under normal circumstances we usually want to lie between a month to hold a fan to clean. If removal filter, be sure to turn the power off in advance, so as to avoid safety accident. In daily wind of road maintenance, we must pay attention to the wind room clean, we should try to be clean every day, in order to avoid the fan to inhale too much dust. Glass washing machine washing liquid temperature of the water system is typically control between 40 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius, the temperature of water is the most suitable for clean the glass surface.
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