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Glass machinery factory of glass machinery industrial structure adjustment

by:Enkong     2021-03-18
This year, our country will continue to add, adjust structure, in this environment, glass machinery industry it is necessary to adjust the industrial structure, existing in the existing client has effect on the basis of power of high-end, on the one hand, to face foreign machinery and equipment, and joint venture glass machinery extrusion domestic glass machinery market competition pressure, on the other hand to increase the intensity of glass machinery research and development, in the high-end market, so as to get rid of the serious situation. In terms of research and development strength, on the basis of existing in our country special handle to set different to carry out the strategy, and with the company as the theme, to set up different as the driving force, given the big glass edge grinding machine belongs to the capital contribution and the industry will slow, cannot be finished by the company itself, the only try our best to persistent, companies to participate in the common skills are needed for research and development efforts, at the same time introducing scientific research colleges and universities to participate, implementation of public-private partnership to promote research and development strength, our country needs to increase investment in basic research and research training. CNC glass edge grinding machine in our country this year in last year's smoothly carried out, on the basis of the CNC glass edge grinding machine production is expected to add slightly import need to change a lot, but need to be more inclined to high-end glass machinery, glass machinery and equipment at the same time in the end after implementation of localization services abroad will also be added. Follow the glass processing industry needs to improve the amount of equipment, CNC glass edge grinding machine in our country has gained rapid developed, and the CNC glass edge grinding machine skills in high speed and fine obtained significant progress and a series of breakthrough. But in terms of accuracy, reliability, compared with foreign CNC glass edge grinding machine and distance, CNC glass edge grinding machine type and production capacity, directly reflects the country's industrial strength, and the CNC glass edge grinding machine of our country lag behind of Germany and Japan and other countries, domestic CNC glass edge grinding machine with basic level low budget and mid-range affordable CNC glass edge grinding machine. Former CNC glass edge grinding machine, glass machinery equipment, mid-range glass machinery equipment company has a certain strength, our country advanced CNC glass edge grinding machine is short, and advanced CNC glass edge grinding machine is cars, buildings and industry necessary equipment for glass processing of this a few big category, although our country has implemented the advanced CNC glass edge grinding machine with the basis of production with serious special science and technology, and plans to four categories required advanced CNC glass edge grinding machine with the basis of production with eighty percent done at home, but as long as the current glass edge grinding machine large efficient numerical control automatic production line completed successfully commercialized, PLC numerical control system of key parts and need to continue to do my best.
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