Glass edging motor shaft components affect the quality to determine the scope of use

by:Enkong     2022-07-19

In the glass machinery industry, the glass edging machine is the most commonly used equipment, and it is also our best-selling product. As such a popular product, in addition to doing a good job in purchasing in the early stage, we also need to Do a good job in maintenance, so that our glass glass edging machine can maximize its function, and also bring considerable benefits to our enterprise. If there are frequent problems with mechanical equipment, it will not only affect our work and Production, and most importantly, has a big impact on our economics.

The accuracy, rigidity and thermal deformation of the main drive shaft components of the glass glass edging machine have a direct impact on the quality of glass processing. Because the glass edging machine is not manually adjusted during the glass processing, these effects are more serious. The influence of the temperature rise and thermal deformation of the drive shaft components on the working accuracy of glass machining. Generally, the circulatory system of lubricating grease is used to take away the heat generated by the main drive shaft components, so that the main drive shaft components and the box can maintain stable overheat protection. Some glass machines use special refrigeration equipment, and the glass edger is more ideal to complete the overheating protection control.

In recent years, the main drive shaft bearings of some glass edging machines use high-grade grease. In order to prevent the lubricating grease and grease from mixing, the labyrinth sealing method is generally used. Regarding the main drive shaft of the glass edging machine, its rigidity must be further improved, and A reasonable joint should be planned to improve its stiffness.

In reality, many glass processing companies now like to use some linear glass edging machines. Why does this happen? In my opinion, this has a very direct relationship with the current hot sales of large glass products, especially some comparisons. In the process of design and construction of large buildings, some relatively large types of glass are often used as decoration. At the same time, compared with other glass processing equipment, it also has a certain price advantage.

So why do you say that? Below, I will use the horizontal unilateral linear glass glass edging machine as an example to introduce the relevant knowledge of glass edging machine manufacturers in this aspect in detail, hoping to be helpful to you.

The horizontal single-side linear glass edging machine includes a body chassis, on which is installed a workpiece transmission component, a grinding component, and a synchronous belt for the circulating water pipeline to transport the workpiece to be ground. The motor and the circulating water pipeline are connected to the general assembly through the water tank. Branch pipes and recycle into the general water tank, there is a circuit control panel above the machine.

Through the above relevant knowledge, we have learned why the glass edging machine is so popular with everyone, and we also have a clearer concept of the use and application of the machine. From the use and development of glass edging machines in recent years From the point of view, multi-functional and multi-level edger machinery is becoming more and more popular, and the combination of these related machinery and information technology makes the equipment easier to control during use, and the price is also lower than before.

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