Glass edging method and brief introduction of edging machine

by:Enkong     2022-07-16

With the increase in the application of glass in decoration and buildings, the technology of glass glass edging machine is also continuously provided. There are many methods of glass edging, and the usual methods are mainly as follows.

1. Grinding stone edging: use natural grinding stone or oil stone and other abrasive tools, and manually push the edging.

2. Grinding disc edging: The mortar flows into the rotating iron disc, and the glass is manually operated on the grinding disc.

3. Abrasive belt edging: The cross-running abrasive belt is used to chamfer the glass.

4. Grinding wheel edging: Grinding wheels processed with natural corundum or artificial edging materials are suitable for grinding thick glass.

5. Diamond grinding wheel edging: It is processed into a grinding wheel with synthetic diamond, which can grind rough or fine edging, with high edging efficiency and good quality, and can grind glass edges of different shapes.

Glass double edge grinding machine is suitable for grinding flat glass with double straight edge, rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing at one time. Move the gap, reduce resistance and wear, and ensure repeated positioning. The PLC control system of the glass edging machine can set the processing parameters through the interface to complete the processing at one time. The transmission belt drive adopts variable frequency motor speed control, constant power, constant torque output, stable and reliable, polishing Using pneumatic automatic compensation device, this product has a stable and solid structure, a precise and smooth transmission system, a high-configuration control system and a large-scale processing capacity, which is suitable for the processing of furniture glass and architectural glass. A brief analysis of each system: .

Transmission system: It adopts three-axis transmission, which has the advantages of convenient replacement of the belt and no need to disassemble the main shaft.

Conveying system: The high-precision guide rail is processed by a high-quality steel 6-sided grinding machine, and the error is less than or equal to 0.02mm.

Sliding system: ABBA double linear guides and double ball screws to ensure opening and closing accuracy.

Grinding head system: high-precision motor with matched bearing.

Control system: adopt frequency conversion speed regulation.

Glass edging is an important process in the production process, which can eliminate the defects such as microscopic cracks and stress concentration on the edge of the glass after the original glass cutting glass glass edging machine manufacturer, improve the yield of the tempering process, and avoid causing damage to operators and equipment. The vertical glass edging machine has the advantages of small footprint, simple adjustment, automatic identification of the length and width of glass, etc. It is suitable for batch processing of glass of various types and sizes. The following is a detailed introduction to the vertical glass glass edging machine. The advantages of using: .

1. Vertical equipment is developed towards space, so it occupies a small area.

2. From the point of view of material mechanics, after the object of the sheet is erected, the strength is high, so the glass breakage rate is low during the processing operation.

3. When batch processing, it is easy to load and unload, and it is easy to link with the production line.

4. The main reason is that the floor space is small, the mechanical stepless speed regulation is adopted, the adjustable range is large, the speed change is stable, and the feeding speed can be changed during the grinding process.

5. The vertical glass grinding machine can process larger glass (in fact, all vertical equipment has a larger workpiece size capacity than the corresponding horizontal equipment, which is a natural advantage of vertical equipment).

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